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So I opened up my gearbox to do a few mods and upgrades and saw this.(look at pic)
So does this mean I don't need to do the AOE mod because the teeth are touching as much as they possibly can. And the piston is pushed in all the way


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It's not quite perfect. You can see a small gap towards the top. It doesn't need much, but it could still use a small nylon washer or neoprene pad to push it back just a little bit to get it spot on.
Alright. I got some sorbothane pads and I was wanting to put one on there to quiet it a little anyways. Thanks
It's very close as Star Folder noted.

My 2-cents though: it really depends on your gun setup. If your power and ROF is low, then its not going result in excessive wear.
Yeah it is in a high fps low rate of fire gun.
Yeah it is in a high fps low rate of fire gun.
:) You'll have to Sorbo anyways, so AOE gets fixed at the same time :)
Alrighty. I will do that. if aomething turns lut weird i will be back. Thanks guys
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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