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I'm new to this board but saw this thread and thought that i would shed some light on it! I recently contacted Hakkotsu about this rifle.

My question:

"I have a question about the APM M40 A3's production. I was wondering what involvement APS has with this model?

Thank you for your time."

and this was their response:
"Since APS has its own production plant in China. The material, management, production lines are provided by APS. The APM40 design is coming from APS. And the engineering is coming from Hakkotsu company

Derek Leung
Sales & Marketing Representative
Pioneer Rich Technology Development
[email protected]
Tel: (0852) 2409 4466
Fax: (0852) 2409 9632

"If you are perfect on the first try, you have nowhere to go but down" "

After reading this, I still felt indifferent about this gun still. It's a great looking gun, even though it isn't to spec for any RS model but cool none the less. Also, Hakkotsu doesn't have a reputation for engineering guns and APS doesn't have a reputation for making good guns... but I guess that AEG's and manual spring guns aren't very comparable. So i'm still split. haha although, there is always the ARES M40A5 coming out soon!

What do you guys think?

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This looks like it's simply a rebrand...
Just because Hakkotsu is new firm doesn't mean it's worse than APS!
APS so far hasn't produce anything good, many of the rifles they announced 2 years ago haven't seen the production lines, one of these is the CO2 GBB Barrett M82!

Also Ares makes lovely externally guns that they [email protected] internally!
I personally would but the Ares M40 just to take the stock and fit on another base gun.
From what I've seen from Ares (M200, DSR1,WA2000) don't think Ares will produce something good in the near future.

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