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I'm putting together a sniper using Maruzen's APS-SR2 Long Range Version. I've been very familiar with airsoft for a while but never purchased one until now. I always liked bolt action snipers but the SR-2 was the first one to appeal to me because of it's small size and unique look.

Currently I haven't seen anyone doing any custom or upgrade work to an SR-2 LRV. Airsoft Forums has a review on a customized SR-2 based on the original non-hop-up version, but there are some differences between the two. The difference being the inclusion of a hop-up and it's use of an outer barrel that uses the Type-96 diameter and threaded cap.

Currently on the SR-2 LRV I have a Maruzen BP-1 balljoint bipod; an American Defense Recon Scope Mount; a Nikon Prostaff 3-9x40 Scope; a Command Arms Accessories Picattinny Rail for Collapsible Stocks; and a Command Arms Accessories Adjustable Cheek Piece. In the near future I will be adding a Maruzen Vanishing Silencer, G&G M4 Target Grip, PDI SR-2 TAC Rail, and a Defensive Edge Scope Mount ACI / ACD. The eventual aim is for the rifle to shoot at 450fps with substantial range and accuracy; and to be a show worthy display piece.

At this point I'm ready to do an upgrade package using PDI parts, but due to the SR-2's design some technical questions come up.

First of all, the SR-2 uses a short stroke bolt design but is still able to use the PDI Cylinder sets. I know that Japan target shooters achieve short stroke lengths in the Type-96 by using adapters. Depending on the internal design of the SR-2, this adapter may or may not already be in place. Does changing to a PDI Cylinder change the length of the bolt stroke in the SR-2?

The second question needs some explaining first. The stroke length will have a direct affect on the volume of air that will be used to shoot out the BB. If your setup uses a hard piston it will slow down the BB if the BB is not able to make it out of the barrel before the piston stops. That's because the airtight seal the piston makes prevents extra air from entering the barrel behind the BB. This creates negative pressure that slightly pulls on the BB. In order to counteract that affect PDI has the Vacuum Piston which releases it's airtight seal when the piston comes to a stop.

So, what setup achieves the best range and accuracy? Using the PDI Hard Piston with a barrel length that is matched to the volume of air used to shoot the BB, or using the PDI Vacuum Piston with an extended barrel length? Both setups would be using the PDI 6.01 tight-bore. I know there's more dynamics involved but I don't want the question to be overly complicated. Please do not factor in BB weight or spring strength. I am currently using Maruzen Super Grand Masters but will change BB's in order to match the rifle's performance and spring strength will be determined after knowing a bit more about the SR-2's trigger system.

The previous two questions were more technical questions. The next couple of question are more about the guns specs.

The housing for the trigger mechanism in the SR-2 is unique amongst the APS line of rifles and handguns. This does not necessarily mean the internal components of the trigger mechanism are unique as well. Does anyone know what components, if any, will fit in the SR-2 trigger system? This will determine if I can use a substantially stronger spring and will have a direct affect on the guns performance.

The bipod mounting pin is part of a metal plate that mounts in a recessed area underneath the rifle. It is held in place by two Phillips screws on the surface of the plate and one Allen screw/bolt that is recessed within a cylindrical hole whose surface extends out about half an inch. This extension and size of the hole looks to me to be a forward mounting point for a push button sling swivel. Can anyone tell me or does anyone know if that is indeed what that is? Although there is a chance the M4 stock on the SR-2 is generic it does bare the Maruzen APS SR-2 logo. Because the stock has a sling swivel I would assume the rifle must have some way of attaching a sling swivel to it's forward section.

This is a lengthy post but I am exploring uncharted territory right now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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