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Okay found some more parts when I was home that I don't need.

This came out of my APS2 when I sold it years ago. Planned on doing another APS build when I sold my APS but so many other options out there now I don't ever want to build another APS.

This is the OK Parts Gas cylinder that was made in japan. Best gas cylinder out there and I hear can handle Co2 or external HP setups. Never used anything by Green gas in it. Bought the cylinder new many years ago for $180 plus $35 shipping from WGC.

If you know what this is then you know how good it is. Gassed it up and still works like new.

Price is set at $175shipped for Paypal, $170shipped for money order.

PM or email questions. Get a peice of history here!

I also have a First Factory PSS2 Silencer adapter for the APS2. $20Shipped.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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