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aps2 or model hopup options

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good pm sirs;i am planning to get a maruzen aps2 or version;this is the longer barrel version with the fixed hopup mechanism;does any of you know how any way of replacing the fixed hopup to an adjustable hop chamber

photos and specs will be highly appreciated

thanks :)
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@ bitchtits: yes sir i will be acquiring this rifle secondhand
thank you sir for giving a speedy reply;right now looking for pdi replacement hopchamber to make the rifle more efficient in terms of range
@ silentscope: i am refering to the maruzen aps2 o.r. version sir

this is the link
let me clear the question sirs;is it possible to replace the fixed hopchamber with a better adjustable hopchamber when i get this rifle?
@ silentscope: thanks for the speedy reply sir;at last i can think about acquiring this cool weapon system; now; to buy the aps2 :)
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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