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AR DMR hopup alternatives?

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Hi all,

I am starting down the long (some might say frivolous) path of building a dmr from an AR base. This is my first AR build and from what I have heard M4 hopup units are... well somewhat awful and I was wondering in anyone had ever built a different unit that fits in an M4/modified one be similar in design to the ones we use in bolt-action rifles.

(if not Ill probably use a prommy neo unit)

thanks all.
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I have the Prommy Strike NEO unit and it's very solid piece, I like it so far and it keep the setting for quite some time.
The only drawback is that it requires some parts from your old hop up unit, I had a spare CA hop up unit and thought to use that instead my stock SG Barrett but the gears didn't fit!

Not a major problem but keep it in mind.

Use a TDC setup, through the top of the receiver. That helps a lot.
There are Prowin CNC TM M4 hop up chambers for sale somewhere on the net. If you can't find those, a company, most likely Chinese, cloned it and is now selling it as well. I can't remember the site off the top of head though. :/
If you can't find the Prowin ones, there's also the madbull ultimate hop up.
Yeah the TDC setup looks promising, where is the best place to read up on it?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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