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Arced Shots

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So I was just playing a game yesterday and the other team was arcing their shots to get further range. The BBs would land on the top of our heads to which you can barely feel (I would compare it to a rain drop hitting the rim of your boonie hat).

Half the time we would call the hit (for honesty sake) and half the time we wouldn't know we were hit. The other side got pretty riled up about it yelling at us and calling us zombies (funniest thing was that these guys were the ones that were zombie-ing with direct hits to the face and body)

I personally think arced shots are OK as long as its reasonable (if its hitting my 4 sides, and not the top of my head) due to the basic physics in airsoft. The only time I would think a BB hitting the top of my head is OK is if someone is using a M203 grenade or mortar.

So what do you guys think is acceptable?
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Ehh I really don`t care I sometimes have to arc just a tad bit to get the bb to where I want. But I agree the m203 and mortar thing is true. But if people are going to arc if they hit you and you know call your hit if you don`t just keep going.
Well, I was just amazed that these guys were consistently making "on top of head" shots. Skills for sure.

Our team just stayed quiet when the other side kept calling us cheaters. Its just not worth arguing about since it was all about having a good time.

If we feel the hit, we'll call it :)
IMO if they have to arc it that much they aren't hitting you. It is about the same thing as blind firing around corners. If you can't confirm the hit it isn't a hit. A little arc is nothing to complain about, but when you have to arc it so much that you aren't even sure were the bbs are going you might as well be blind firing.

We play with snipers for a reason. >>
I account for drop. I dont arc or "lob" shots. That just seems beyond redorkulous. Besides the fact that would be fire-to-aim and impossible to effectively use your sight, airsoft is a milsim sport. That means we try an be as realistic as possible. I don't see any marines pointing their gun up in the air trying to lob bullets onto the top of taliban heads.

I've been in that situation before. Some 12yo with a crossman standing in the middle of a clearing was spraying side to side at a 50 degree angle. I knew he'd never hit me. So I stood straight up and sniped him in the head for being an idiot. Needless to say, he didn't call his hit. What a noob. He was crouched on the ground grabbing his head for five minutes, figured nobody saw, even though he was standing in the open in the objective clearing, and continued sprayin' n' prayin'. Unfortunately someone was within my MED, and my teammate covering my flank didnt think to tell me. So I got out. I went up to the kid, told him his bs move, and he flat out denied it. I let it go. But still frustrated as hell.

I apologize for the veritable wall of text.
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Okay I lob. but that is at you know realistically. Firing at like a 50 degree angle is like playing artileey. That is not how real guns work...
I believe the "landing on top of our heads" is a bit of an exaggeration, but I have arced shots considerably before, as in aiming 10-20ft above a person's head to get a hit, but you have to manipulate the bb in any way to to get a hit. Now aiming at a 45 degree angle is another thing, you can not have accuracy with that.
I agree with the M203 and Mortar statement. I have my rifle sighted in to start to drop around 150+- ft. and sometimes I also have to hold high to get them to drop in, but not to the extent of a 50 degree elevation! We just played a game today, and somebody shot their UTG MK96 artillery-style and someone felt it hit the top of their head about 200 feet away but it was not at all intentional.
Speaking of mortar style, hokkatsu showed their new mortar at the shot show. Joke? I hope so. The tip is metal, covered by a thin rubber outer layer. They said just to wear helmets. :eek:
Hahaha, I was serious about the "top of the head" hits. My teammates and I were feeling the BBs on the top of our head, which then the shooters complained that we weren't calling our hits. I have never played with those people before and I guess that's how they compensated for their lack of range.

The funniest thing was that sometimes they would think they hit us, but in reality, the BBs landed 2-3 metres in front of us (witnessed by 4-5 other people on the team).

What got to me was that they were complaining about us to everyone else at the end of the day for not taking those hits (we did take them for the first half of the day, then agreed thats just not fair for us).

As for the mortar thing.. if you watched the youtube video by hokkatsu where they were firing them off in a urban setting field.... that's one of the fields I played in where the situation occurred. :)
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Today went airsofting I was arching around 5 feet above their head. Got them of course. Arching is fine unless its artilley style. About the mortars well we know people will call there hits by getting knocked out right?
Update its 188 dollars link here.
I guess I was wrong. The mortar rocket only weighs around 240 grams that not that much. Has a range of 250 feet.
A lob shot is still a shot, a hit from a lob is the same as any other hit.
sniperelite7 said:
A lob shot is still a shot, a hit from a lob is the same as any other hit.
I'm sorry, but I don't see it this way at all. I only agree with calling a lob shot if you are looking through the scope and actually using skill to arch one bb out of a sniper rifle.

What the OP was describing was pretty much BS. I wouldn't have called it at all

EDIT: Welcome to the forum, now go make an intro post ;)
Agreed wesley.
Go make a intro
Arched shots fine.
Firing like a artilley piece and being a idiot is not skill.
Did you guys see the NERF cannon vid? Check that link. Mortor's pretty cool and way more practical.
the3rdeye88 said:
Did you guys see the NERF cannon vid? Check that link. Mortor's pretty cool and way more practical.
You mean for the APS/Hokkastu water mortar?

Its a great idea, just not sure how you call a hit aside from literally getting hit by it XD. Too bad it doesn't sprinkle BBs during the flight (That would be a very reasonable hit)
Well chiba mortars at my field have a 30 feet kill radius so if its 30 feet close to you bye bye u dead.
nelsonho396 said:
Well chiba mortars at my field have a 30 feet kill radius so if its 30 feet close to you bye bye u dead.
You yell at all the new people for spelling and you do it yourself. 100% or nothing man.
^^^LOL, I think that to myself all the time..
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