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Are Bipods Needed?

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Ok, so I am fairly new to airsoft sniping. Is a bipod really very useful? I mean, some people say that bipods are more of a pain than a help in battle...I see pretty much all of you guys using them, but I am wondering why someone would say that bipods are a useless. :-/

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I used to never use a bipod. They can be unnecessary weight, get stuck on branches and twigs, and sometimes never get used in a game. However, there are times when a bipod is ideal. For instance, scanning a field for targets/enemies can take a long time. If you have set up a hide, you can be in one place for quite a while. You can set your rifle up on a rock and look through your scope (unless you have binoculars), and this will prevent your arms from getting tired. However, this is where the bipod comes in handy. Sometimes there is nothing in the wild to support your rifle when in prone, and the bipod becomes a very useful tool.

Overall, depending on the game, a bipod may or may not be useful. It is up to you. If you get one, a harris style bipod is recommended. It looks sexy and gets the job done, much better than the typical bipod that comes with most rifles.
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We had a thread about this a while ago, but it must have been lost during the update. :-/
Like fuzzywolly mentioned, it really depends on the playing field and your preference.

As for myself personally, I find that I need a bipod to counter balance the weight of the scope. As well, a bipod will help when zeroing your scope.
No the thread is still hear. It's on like the 5th page of the general board.
I agree with the fact that it depends on the game. I have been in situations where I am laying in a hide for a long time and its nice to have something to use as support. However Ive also been in games where I am moving a bunch and it just adds weight. I personally am looking into a harris style because they are more functional, lighter in most cases, and of course they look amazing. However its totally up to you. :)
Weight of a bi-pod (standard): About 3-5 pounds
Amount you'll miss if you don't have a stable firing platform to shoot at your enemy: Unknown, because the guys that do it don't make it back.

I'd say suck it up and just run with one man. Me personally I've almost always had one on my airsoft guns. Granted for the range that we engage it isn't the mile+ that real steel shooters are pulling off, however if you can't have a solid platform to which you know how to adjust too, your just shooting blind until you hit your person. There is luck involved, sure, but science can prove time and time again (as well as my "unofficial" rifle scores). If you're using a bi-pod, you're going to be spot on.

I'd suggest going with a Harris style or something with a little more give in it. Your bi-pod shouldn't be more than 6" in length and should be able to fold under your rifle. If you don't have a style like that, then you should reinvest.
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If you want a light weight harris style bipod, I'd recommend the Rambo brand. Check Ehobby.

I just bought one and its supposedly half the weight of the other brands (i.e DBoys)
I have found the use of a gripod (grip+bipod) to be ideal. On my rifleman scar I use just a basic gripod, and it works perfect for how I play. Though for a non-adjustable bipod, it is a bit high off the ground. Now that I am embracing the marksman role after using a friends 545fps sniper for a day, I will be using my G&P SR-25 in a DMR role. Anyways for the sr-25 I am buying this gripod within the next few days:
I feel this will be much more usefull than my current one because it is adjustable, and the legs are aluminum, not plastic.
Mine harldy ever guts used, but when you do need it, wits worth its weight in gold. I say buy one and keep it on the rifle, it will pay for itself eventually.
I occasionaly find use for my bipod, ofcorse when I do it's very very helpful, but other than the obvious use it balances out my gun and adds some weight. I don't know if its just me but I like a hefty gun.
Welcome to the forums Iam, please avoid necro posting and please make an intro post so we can get to know you.

I pretty much do a lot of target shooting and no playing, so I am going to be a little biased toward getting a bipod.

One thing I might suggest you is to look at what size is going to be better for you..for example: most people would recommend a small bipod for my M40A1 and I agree it would look even better..but the woods and areas where I take my rifle for target shooting have tall grass or dense vegetation at ground level.

If I can't take my rifle at least at 90% of the overall vegetation I will be shooting blind or into the grass..hence the bipod would make no sense.

For more desert-like settings or harsh countrysides, a smaller bipod would be better to sky lining your body/rifle.
Sniper rifles need a bipod. It's the milk to your tea, the cheese to your burger or the sun to your day.

If you're playing the role properly you'll be stationary for extended periods of time otherwise you're a scout IMO
Cerbo Knight said:
Sniper rifles need a bipod. It's the milk to your tea, the cheese to your burger or the sun to your day.

If you're playing the role properly you'll be stationary for extended periods of time otherwise you're a scout IMO
Nothing wrong with being a scout in airsoft. Scout Snipers are some of the best in the world.
ON TOPIC: I personally don't use one. Like Fuzzy said early, you don't stay prone or take long shots for miles. I personally like to move a little more then you guys do, but i'm pretty aggressive (At rec games, MilSims I roll with a sqaud as a DM basically, longer story) and find the bipod to not be "beneficial" to me.
Just out of curiosity, how do bipods even mount to sling studs? This isn't obvious to me.
They mount by hooking onto the stud via, two pegs that tighten as you turn the screw under the bi-pod.
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