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are these internals good?

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whats going on everybody, just want some feedback to any of my internals, what should i upgrade what should i keep etc, here's the list.

TM vsr 10 pro sniper version

power system,
AA 90 degree piston
AA tapered Cylinder
AA m150 spring
Stock spring guide(gonna upgrade soon)
90 Degree trigger unit i've been using 45 degree for awhile now i finally made the switch to a 90.

Barrel, hopup etc.
AA hop up unit,
concave nub
AA inner barrel (gonna try upgrading to a maple leaf crazy jet)
Maple leaf 70 degree bucking, i believe its the monster one

like i said just want some feedback, thanks for the help have a good one :)
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Get the ML crazy jet inner barrel. Just upgraded to it over the weekend and its way better than the angel custom one I had. Still using a stock spring guide (with an M150 spring) and it's not a big deal. Might upgrade to a steel one soon. I use the same AA 90 Z-trigger with an AA 90 degree piston/ML 70 bucking/AA hop-up and it works great.

Don't know what else you can really upgrade besides maybe the cylinder head? Also do you have any barrel spacers?
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