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Hello guys,

I´m new to the world of sniping and before I

want to drop all my money into my new Sniper,

I would love to gether some information, ideas and


I´m pretty sure, that I will build a AS02.

It´s short, handy and I bought one for 50 bucks. :)

I´m thinking about the following internals:

- Wolverine Bolt M
- Action Army HopUp Chamber
- R-Hop

- Nub (don´t know which)
- PDI 6.03 innerbarrel (310mm or longer?)

Some lefthand mod or even straightpull-mod?

Would love to Hop those .48s and get the maximum range, but I´ve heard rumors, about the AA-Chamber not working properly with the Bolt M, is that right?

I use the redline sfr mini as regulator.

What would you guys recommend?

Thank you in advance

Sascha / Lazy

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I personally have never used the bolt m, but I did use the original wolverine bolt in my Vsr 10, and I can say that it shot phenomenally. I had a rhopped 6.05 pdi barrel with the action army hop up and m nub, basically just the drop in kit from hop systems. It shot amazingly I had a effective range of about 85+ meters with .48g bbs depending on the weather. Fps deviation was +- 1fps.
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