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Ares AST-01 Advice

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Hello, I wanted some advice with the AST-01. I have heard mostly negative things about the AS-01, though have decided to get an AST because I want to snipe to have fun, and don't really care if it isn't the best performing rifle on the field. (Though I do want it to be good.) I am aiming for around 460-500 fps, if I can get it there. I plan on getting a new body pin, bucking, barrel, and cylinder to begin with. Ares makes a new "large" cylinder for the AS series ([CPSB-007]Upgraded C.P.S.B. for AS Series - Large) that comes with spring, guide, and piston included, and haven't heard anything about it online. My question was then what are some good bucking's that would work, what barrel's would be good, and if it is realistic to shoot for 500 fps (pun intended). was also wondering if I could get a shorter barrel but keep the long outer barrel or if that would cause problems. Thanks! (P.S., if anyone has a good guide for DIY mods like barrel spacers and where I would need teflon tape that would be appreciated.) Thanks!
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No expert in what brand of barrels to use, but just to be here to correct that you will need 310mm, not 300mm barrels to fit into that outer barrel.

Also a NEMO clone is better (as long as the quality is decent) than a normie cylinder. Not wrong in more of dem air.
He's using the long 550 outer, so inner barrel length is irrelevant.
Even if he was using a short outer, 300mm fit well too (they just sit 1cm further back from the end, not a big deal as the spacer has plenty of room)
My experience with the 300mm is that they just so happen to slightly miss the barrel end spacer and isn't centered with the stock outer barrel (aftermarket ones like the steel/carbon one works though), but that probably is me being unlucky as heck
Nemo's official volume is somewhere at 33cc so I think copy Nemo from ares should also be somewhere around this value
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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