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ARES AW-338 and possible upgrades

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Hello guys/gals, this my first post. I am looking to buy my first rifle. I pretty set on the ARES AW-338. I've been in love with the L96 platform for years. I'm in the process of actualy building a "realsteel" version, well it's been a loooong project lol. Anyways I would like to know what upgrades are possble with this rifle. I like the fact that this version has a very ralistic "feel" to it, when I spoke with Airsoft Gi they stated that the only thing you can do to it, is buy a "O" ring kit upgrade. I've stumbled across a few threads that talked about barrels, triggers and external air systems. If someone could please provide a list of know upgrades, I would greatly apreciate it. Thanks again :)
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Hi. Can anyone help me with aw338 hop up? It got damaged and I want to change the whole chamber. But Im having trouble finding new one,maybe you know what type of hop up it is (APS,APS2...)
Well buying a whole new rifle just for hop up chamber is a bit money consuming thing. Thanks for the tip, I'll try. I've read that you suggested buying Ares hammer spring for upgrade. I surfed the net but couldn't find. Maybe you have a link to it?
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