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Ares AW.338 (CNC) and PDI Upgrades?

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Evening Gents,

So, as I found out, none of these companies have contact numbers. Lovely. Anyways, company reps will tell me buy their stuff, that's not what I need. I need the guys who run the guns to tell me what I need.

Bought this gun, no going back, its comfort level is unparalleled. Out of the box it's bloody fantastic if anything the range is a lil short and in canada it's gotta be only 380. Field limits are 500. Brought it into the shop after a few months. They tell me theyve got the sear and the spring and that should be enough. I'll take their word as theyve not done me wrong yet. Turns out the sear they have didn't fit and damned if I'm gonna even try firing that gun with big spring in it without the structure being reinforced.

So, not entirely trusting the shop to find the right parts I decided to take this into my own hands. I stumble across PDI's webside and their drop in trigger kit along with the raven kit for the cylinder. Both look good, the sear looks appropriate in size and it's made for this rifle so my logic being is that it would fit. I am completely fine with tossing money at this to make it run as smooth as is humanly possible. (There are no words to describe how much I love this thing). So basically, I need someone just to double check what I've got:

Raven (PDI) Cylinder Full Set for ARES AW338 Series(Clearance) - Buy airsoft Accessories online from RedWolf Airsoft

PDI V Trigger + Piston End Set for Ares AW338 - Buy airsoft Accessories online from RedWolf Airsoft

and, what spring, because I know I'm supposed to use a "fat dia" spring. but from what Ive read you need to use a 13mm Inner Dia spring, but the piston hole is 13mm, which means its a lil over 13mm but still an OD 13mm spring would be more appropriate. (Ref: X-FIRE PDI official distributor )

Thanks for reading my longwinded ridiculousness and thanks even more if you can help a brother out.

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Reading through their website is pretty difficult for a Noob and not just because the translation is bad. As it happens I spent quiet a bit of time in Asia, so I am used to bad translations. Looking at the cylinders I have to choose from VC and HD (in different qualities). Now reading through the VC specs, it tells me I have a negative pressure problem, that I didn't even know I had.

Anyone here that can clarify the difference between the VC and HD for a newbie? I will write my introduction soon, but just in case the info is needed I live in The Netherlands and I can use the AW at a maximum of 500 fps in skirms. What I have learned so far is that fps is only part of the equation of distance and accuracy (which is what I want from my sniper rifle, I think?). The reasons I bought it were:
a) I could buy it cheap with a nice scope on top from a person who tought he wanted to play sniper, but after 1 skirm found that he likes spray and pray more.
b) I think I would like to play sniper and I can affort a few euro's on upgrades (the CO2 mag is underway).
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Did you mean CO2 cylinder (and not CO2 mag)? Been reading negative reviews on it though (from consistency problem to damaging the rest of the internals).
I definitely mean the CO2 Magazine. It is a drop in replacement for the normal green gas magazine, both available from ARES and from some aftermarket brand.
ARES 23rd CO2 Magazine for AW-338 Sniper

Thanks voor explanation of the VC, so I will go on the path for the HD cylinder and the new triggerbox.
It is my understanding that te PDI upgrades are for the gas-rifles, but if not than that would be my mistake.
Thanks, that saved me an expensive mistake. Is the v-trigger also only for the spring version or would that be a wise upgrade?
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