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Ares AW-338 CNC

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I am posting this up for a friend, and these are his words exactly. Please contact him at [email protected]

-Trades: Polarstar EPAR, G&P MRP, VLTOR, or MOE +cash. Riot 10:1 gears, DSG,
-For sale today, an ARES AW-338 gas sniper rifle
-This is the CNC Gas version. as found here.
-R-hopped by GermanPhoenix
-Comes with:
-2 mags, one tapped for HPA
-3 bb clips
-Scope mount

-Also includes a carbon fiber tank with Flatline regulator and HPA fittings.

-Price: $600 - Offer up, worst I can say is no.
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OMG Cheese!!! Why did you have to put this up for sale when I'm broke!!!!!
He just asked like yesterday, so I said, why not.

Next time I will wait until you have money. ;)
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What does it chrono at? Accuracy? I might have a friend I can convince to buy this and then let me borrow. it.
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