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I'm thinking of buying a ARES AW-338 over a TANAKA and I heard they use AEG barrels and hopup buckings. Anyway If I put In a 6.01 or a 6.00 TBB and a high quality hopup bucking I am thinking this wouldnt be such a bad deal. the TBB should get me to around field limits and it should be pretty darn accurate even if I have to special order a TBB from EDGI I should be getting the gun for a little less than a TANAKA and have great performance and awsome aesthetics too.

Anyone have any views and experience with the ARES AW338 Imput would be appreciated.
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I would send a PM to mateba, (if he still comes on) he has great experience with both guns. If you can find his threads, he made an awesome piece from a tanaka clone.
I would go with the tanaka but I want a refined finished look. That why I want to buy the ARES and do upgrades instead.
Yeah I've used both me and mateba have a common friend who has both and he much prefers the ares now but the ares is a little harder to find upgrades for. Just get which one you like more honestly
paiken said:
Yeah I've used both me and mateba have a common friend who has both and he much prefers the ares now but the ares is a little harder to find upgrades for. Just get which one you like more honestly
Well ya that sounds good but I heard the ARES is compatible with AEG barrels and hopup buckings. so I could order the barrel with length I need from EDGI which would be about a hundred dollars and I can order a realy high quality hard bucking for like 30. even with these upgrades it still comes to be only a little more than a stock Tanaka. I already have a Ncstar 3-9x40 illuminated ruberized scope so when I get the rifle and do my relatively minor upgrades to it I should be all set.
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Where have you found one in stock? I have actually Been lookng into buying an od one since I shot my friends. Only place. Can find them in stock is on Asian websites like ehobbyasia or uncompany should have them in by May 30th if you can wait that long. But I am not purchasing mine until after October when I will have gathered enough money to buy all the things on my shopping list for airsoft.
yeah I saw that. My only reserve in not buyiong it is that im terrible at tapping mags and i dont even know is this mag could be tapped for an external air system.
Ya but I'm not planning on tapping my mags anyway, and I don't know how to either. I only want the 540fps I can use at MIA events and in michigan. But I gues an Ares would be useful for using an HPA system because of the stick mags you can buy for it making reloading easier when using that system, if you can tap a mag.
The mags can be tapped. They are actually a lot easier than the tanaka mags. I like the ARES more since they do not require as much upgrading in the mags, and the material and finish seems better to me. I would keep a close eye on your seals though if you want the best consistency. Owning a chrono is like owning a laser rangefinder or a pinion gear removal tool. You have know idea how valuable they are until you own one.

If 540FPS is all you want you should be fine. But make sure you average a 10 shot spread until you get external air.
I see what you mean. If I can fire 10rds and average out at 540-550fps I wouldn't even need to get an HPA kit. But one would be nice for consistency, cold wether, and private fields that are leniant on fps limits. I just hope I can get one in the fall after my haunted house gig.

Mateba I like your signiture, Hi-Cap and Battery free are words I live by in airspft. Thank you bolt actions and GBBs that make it all possible. I just jumped rght into sniping and skiped the AEG when I started playing and I do not regret my choice of doing so.
Thank you, I hope to add "green gas" to the list as soon as I get my pistol and rig it up for external air.

As for performance in a gas rifle, external air, is as significant as a shopping spree at PDI or Laylax. Some people still stick with CO2 and use the little 12g capsules but I much prefer HPA or Nitrogen which requires a tank. Must can be placed in a camelbak in the sleeve behind the bladder. They can make for a tight fit in your ghillie if you did not plan for it ahead of time. Doing a 10 shot average on green gas will help you get on the field with a semi-hot gun. I would also try over filling the mags. If you build up enough pressure behind the valves they then to close faster and by doing so releases a smaller volume of gas.
What about the HPA kits that use 12g cartiges instead of large tanks. I think that would work quite nicley and save some room since the catrige would have suficient pressure and supply to work for a good amout of time and after that if I want to get a large take I can upgrade easily as well.

But why would you need to rig a pistol for external air to that seems kinda overkill unless you have one that eats gas realy fast. I dont need one for my MP7 because of the system it uses is more effiecient thatn older green gas guns.
High Pressure Air is not available in 12g capsules. CO2 is but then we are back to the issues of a power source that has to boil off even before it is regualted. HPA is just that, air under pressure. You will not be able to carry as much gas but what ever bottle you do decide to buy it will most likly be more than enough for a bolt gun.

Using external air is IMO a performance upgrade mainly because you can regulate the PSI. Running [email protected] in must pistols result in damaged parts. My speculation on this is that the damage is caused by the PSI of the gas. Once a valve is opened, it purges gas into the system. Replicas using CO2 12g capsules are operating at unregulated CO2 pressures, well over 850PSI, which is absurd for airsoft. Instead of actually using regulated gas these replicas just get a very short burst of high PSI gas. If you use external air, you can afford to increase the volume of gas and keep your PSI much ower, more in the 90-140PSI range, to operate your replica. Not only is this better for your gun but the FPS is more consistent, there is no more cook-off, FPS and in some cases ROF is adjustable and the report signicure is easier to control.

That may have been more than you wanted to know. I use CO2 or HPA in all my replicas so fooling around with a 12g when I have 1 or 2 20oz tanks on me is silly when I could just use a Y union and another reg to control a sidearm. I use my sidearm frequently but I hardly ever need to reload mid fire-fight. Having a hose attaching me to my pistol, like a lanyard, seems to be a reasonable compromise to use a pistol at 350FPS year-round with all the perfromance prks mentioned above.
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It makes sense but I kindof want to go with a regulator kit for 12g CO2 catrides because Id beable to attach it on the gun in some way and not be permanatly attached to it. But HPA would be a better choice but i dont like the big tanks.
Thats why they make chocolate and vanilia. In the end, if you use a sling you're the kind of player that will never notice an external line. HPA has beter perfromance but you will be required to have the line.
so your saying both systems are good but HPA a little bit better. LOL thats just like how it is in paintball.
HPA is the way to go. CO2 is much better than green gas but there is still room for improvment. CO2 is effected by hot and cold tempertures.... HPA/nitrogen is best.
well with a regulator hot and cold should'nt be that big of an issue for co2. And I don't like the big tanks because I may have to temporarily book it out of an area leaving my gun behind in a concealed spot, Icouldnt realy do that as quickly with an HPA rig as unlikly this scenario may be. and I can keep the little 12g tank somewhere on the gun so I wouldnt have to worry about it.
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