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ARES Custom DSR-1 MSR-004

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Just bought my DSR-1. I was very atracted to the all metal construction. Really reminded me of a Keppeler KS V Bullpup Sniper. I think that for the money it should be putting out way over 400fps, but whatever, Im just going to use it on birds, etc.

I have some general questions since all my arms are real: I have a Sig Sauer 556, a Tikka T3, an ISSC K22 (CAR eplica in 22lr), and three handguns.

So I don't know anything about gas or ammo, batteries, handling, cleaning, etc. I would like to shoot metallic BBs. Do 6mm BBs come in brass or other metals?

Lastly, the image of the DS-1 from the site I used was really bright, not like the nce matte images I see in all the image searches and on the main site. It almost looked silver. So I hope I get the light grey, nearly while version Im seeing her:

Final question: what sort of suppressors, fake or otherwise, are available for this rifle? I would like a very short stubby one, like Noveske, etc. Any links?

Otherwise its useless to me.

Any beginners info and assurance would be welcomed.


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Welcome to the board.

I hope you to get the silver version as it's the version 2 of the gun and has many issues fixed.

Welcome, and what a beautiful rifle.... Nice taste.

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This is V1 scope mounts!

Man it's the first time I read about these results! Man they are sooo true!
I'll start messing with mine soon but I don't have high expectations!
If only people could understand how [email protected] are Ares products... they look nice but are really wallhangers.

Such a beautiful rifle, but is another one doing upgrades to bring the potential of this beast up?

I would like to see a spring conversion kit for it.

How heavy is it?
I traded for one and then traded it off pretty quick. The weight to performance ratio was way off for me. I couldn't really get it to shoot very well, but I never really messed with the internals myself, however, there was a Prommy barrel and bucking in it when I received it.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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