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Bought this gun a year or two ago and have actually skirmished it.
So this is a full on player review.

Orgasmic pics first.

Items in box (Knife not included)

Ares DSR-1 x1 (Bipod already mounted)
Bolt x1
Mags x2
DSR-1 scope mount x1
Red/Green 3-10x50 scope x1
.338 Lapua Magnum Flashhider x1 (CW not CCW)

Size comparison



Adjustable cheek rest and shoulder pad

Two stages bipod
Rear monopod can be fine tuned, front bipod is spring retractable.

Comparison with Marui PSG-1, CA SL8 and Maruzen APS-2 SV
(As you can see, same barrel length with the PSG-1 but over all is much shoulder)

First impression.....
OMG, finally got the gun....
Damn...this thing is a beast....
Nice build quality, very solid, zero wobble.

Lots of adjustable features.
Bipod & rear monopod
Cheek rest
Shoulder pad can move up/down and slides forward/backward

Now to the details.....
14mm CW threading, kinda annoy.
Gas powered (duh)
Adjustable Hop-up (AEG bucking and barrel)
590mm TBB (6.01 or 6.03, not sure)

Chrono'd with Green gas and KSC .20, 550fps in the summer, 450fps in winter (Southern CA)

Stock CTC
70 feet
Crouching, no support, mild to no wind
24mm using Madbull .40g, not selected nor washed.

Fielding experience.
Although the DSR-1 is somewhat heavy, it's really compact.
Same length as an M4A1 with stock extended.
Which allows you to go around easily yet have a long barrel
Easily reach out beyond 200 feet.

The top mounted bipod helps a lot.
The weight of the rifle hangs under it instead of being carried on top of it.
This allow the rifle to balance itself on top.

The gun itself holds TWO magazine.
The one in the rear is the feeding mag and the one on the front is for back up.
You can change the mag fairly easily and fast.
The mag release(s) are the two pieces of metal on the side of the mag.
So all you do is grab and pull, easy right?

Comes with two magazines and all the accessories that you need to play.
Great accuracy and range.
Uses AEG barrel and bucking
590mm inner barrel length in a small package
Top mounted bipod
Great build quality
It's a DSR-1.

Might be heavy for some players
Gas powered (hint hint HPA)
Magazines are EXPENSIVE, but eh, comes with two mags.

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Yea I know.
But that really is the only V2 that I've heard to have problems like that.
The only time that I've head of that kind of problems was with the V1.
Plus did you contact the store that you purchased from?

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Um yea, shoots too hard for CQB.

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The one issue that I forgot to mention is the trigger pull.....
It's a long pull and what? Around 5lbs?.....
Cut the trigger spring and solved the problem :p
Thinking about putting a spacer to make the trigger travel distance shorter.

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I never had any issues as far as performance goes.
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