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ARES M110 AEG to P*

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Hello fellows, need some help and thought this would be a good place to ask.

I recently picked up an ares m110 and was wanting to polar star the build for consistency, range and helping with its muzzle signature.

the Ares m110 has a different hop up and magazine location than other SR25 rifles i see on the market and forums. i believe it was done this way to be able to use standard M4/M16 gearbox parts as well as hop ups.

with that being said i would like to put a P* Jack combined with a Prowin hop up and 6.03 TBB. not sure on the hop up rubber or which mod to go with for longer range yet.

my questions are:

can any who own this rifle attest that it is indeed the same as a standard V2 gearbox?

can i use a Prowin hop up?

which bucking should i use for it and being able to use 500 FPS?

another thing to consider while looking at the exploded parts view in the manual, the mounting area for the trigger contacts seem different. i was wondering if it would be a problem when installing a P* trigger contact board?

any and all information including a pointer to an already posted thread would be very helpful. hopefully i can post this in this thread.

thanks for reading.
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I don't own the rifle so I'm mostly speculating, but when doing some research on the SR25 platform myself I came across this comparison of the different gearboxes.
SR-25 Guide, The one and only guide you need for all airsoft SR-25.
From what this says/shows it looks like the ares pretty much has a standard V2 other than maybe where the hop attaches. Remember this is largely speculation, but it looks like you could get the p* gearbox to work with minimal trouble The Prowin hopup might not be an option tho.
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