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Hi guys, I need your help...
I have this Ares M110 that is sitting around collecting dust because it's not shooting right...
At the moment it is doing around 220 - 230 fps with the stock spring and barrel
and the trigger switch
insists in shooting three or four round bursts in semi...

For the low fps the reason is nozzle to hop-up sealing being poor
(did the flashlight test from the mag port) and no matter what nozzle I use
the sealing is just hideous...
When the nozzle seals with the hop-up chamber, the mag doesn't feed BBs to the hop-up...
It is just half a millimeter too forward, when it feeds BBs the nozzle to hop-up sealing goes bye-bye...

It's driving me nuts! Oh, I should mention that the previous owner had modified the hop-up chamber
so that it would not lock on the GB any more but it worked well when I tested it before I buy it...
I need suggestions in either fixing it or changing the whole GB - hop-up assy.

I should mention that the GB is not leaking from anywhere
( I know because I striped a piston when I accidentally pushed the trigger switch with the nozzle blocked by my finger... Stupid of me I know but...)
And apart from that I tested it by using a big siringe and some silicon pipe pushed on the nozzle
and by pumping air with the the siringe I can move the piston fully back with the spring in place...

I would appreciate any help and suggestions :)
PS. I studied the holly grail to the DMR sticky and implemented it as well as I could and searched around the forum too so... Please help!

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No one? Not even a suggestion? :(

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The hop up is an m4 metal hop up with two metal "ears" that fit on the front of the gearbox to make them one piece... Apart from that all other parts in gb and hop up are standard (apart from the Ares fig.8 hop backing and hop arm)...
The hop up is not moving back and forth... It is stable to where it is supposed to be.
The feeding issues arise from the nozzle... I think. It seems to not seal correctly to the hop chamber - rubber.
I saw a post for a G36 DMR that had similar problems and a suggestion to coat the nozzle with nail polish.
But my main problem is the trigger micro switch that refuses to shoot single shots...
At first I thought the problem might be batt. voltage, so I tried different voltages and batteries but nothing changed...
It is constantly firing 3-4 shot bursts.
Is there anyway to change the micro switch? Maybe with another of better quality?

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I tried the silicone, it peels off after a while... As for the bucking I tried a couple with no change.
I'm trying the nail polish now and we'll se how that will go.
Nice idea about the MOSFET... I never thought of it and I think I have one somewhere that is programmable!
Thanks George!

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