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nethsark993 said:
i actually tried to improve it before i posted, i spell checked and everything.
well I'll be sure to quad-check all of my future posts
LOL, I love this! This should be in someone's signature.

On a serious note. I have had the M60 from Ares, it was nice out of box but parts began to break right off the bat with the suggested "9.6v large" battery. I should've know better. The motor crapped out but I was impressed with the gears and the motor does have a decent amount of torque. Their pistons suck. The externals are nice and over-all, I was pleased with the purchase on the assumption that all AEGs blow in some form or another. The gears held up to a Gaurder SP130-140, 11.1v 4200mah lipo and a Systema magnum motor.

I would consider a Prometheus or KM barrel and a quality soft hopup bucking. I would use 4x optics as a minimum, but I actually like my STAR 4x32mm ACOG. Besides that I would save money for a new piston, bearings and a G&P M160 motor, if you are going to buy over seas. There is a huge thread in the AEG sniper section that you should look at before you start asking a bunch of questions that have most likely covered.
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