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Who has a better feeding system (please explain below)

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Im just wondering if you have your heart set on the ASG or Ares m40
for your budget
$300 for gun $440 for upgrades
thats $740
for that price you could go a vsr-10 route

Jg bar 10 - $120-145 depending on model (evike)
Model works m40 stock $200 (evike)
AA trigger set $145 eBay
AA barrel $36 amazon
AA hop up $55 wgc
AA spring guide $22 eBay
Maple leaf bucking $9 evike
Maple leaf nub $6 evike
AA cylinder if you want $80 eBay

total $667

shipping and discounts factored now
evike cart $279shipped
wgc $80 shipped
eBay all together $247 shipped
amazon shipped $36

total shipped $642

then you can throw in a scope, extra mag whatever else you want
and cheaper than the asg and ares

that will give you a top of the line vsr 10 which is a tried and proven rifle

but that is just my suggestion do what you want
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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