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ares vs tanaka

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hey ive searched google but cant find a comparison,
whic gun preforms better stock (i do inted to upgrade eventually)
the ares .338 l96

or the tanaka m700 acis?

and does the ares have a p.c.s like the m700?

any response will be greatly appriciated
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Chances are that the Ares doesn't have a PCS on it.

That and there hasn't been alot of stuff said about the ares as of yet.

I do know that the Ares is more of a copy of the L96 than the AICS is. Because the AICS is a remmy M700 in an AICS, accuray international chasis system, body.

So really would be up to you honestly. If you want more of the real look ... then I would go with the Ares. But if you are not worried about that and want something that will work great I would go with the Tanaka.

Just my $00.02
yeah im starting to hear good thing about the ares as far as accuracy and range, i might end up buying it and doing a full in depth reveiw
I've heard good things about it but the tests were done with less than favorable weight BBs. The test was an ARES .338 vs a Tanaka M700 AICS. The Tanaka had much more power at 600FPS but the grouping and range were very similar. It would be nice to compare them with heavier ammo. The Tanaka was brand new and from what I understand Tanakas now a days are "post-ban" meaning the PCS bolt is no more due to Japanese law.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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