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Armory of Hoggie(Vids+Pics)

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Alright, heres my ECHO 1 ASR, Pride and Joy Right here boys. (and girls)
Zeroing in my rifle, I hit pretty good shots ;P

VFC Gone Wild:

M14 Works! 150+ ft :) :

VFC 416 w/ Lipo. Friend filmed upside down:

While my new bucking comes in, I'm working on a silencer! So far, looks sweet with it being white.
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Oh the echo 1 attempt to match the maruzen aps sr2, what upgrades do you have for it. Also what are the stats on it, FPS, range, accuracy. I have also herd that the M4 stock can be wobbly at times, can it be swapped for a different style say a magpul. I am asking because I was looking for a new rifle and I was looking at this because of the style it has( I have a weird selection of rifles)
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I replaced the stock, working on getting a new pic (whole gun is in pieces at the moment, waiting on the new bucking :/) I have an EDGI 6.01mm Tightbore, Firefly Hard Bucking, ECHO 1 Upgrade Kit (Spring set). I changed the stock (had to Jimmy Rig, the new buffer tube won't fit ? It's weird). It's a King Arms stock.
FPS: ~545
Weight: 9 LBS
Range: 200 ft w/ a broken bucking, will post with the fixed one
Accuracy: Hit 9/10 at 100 ft with unzero'd scope + broken bucking.

Will post updated stats Thursday once I fix my gun.
Never was a big fan of this rifle, but a few guys made it work. A few things that I would suggest.

1. Harris style bipod: It will give your rifle a much more tactical/realistic look (the bipod you have looks and feels cheesy (had one myself for a while)).
2. The wrap looks a little bright. I would suggest making a good ol' mudhole and getting that wrap dirty and worn.
3. Where did your end cap go? Is that off because you plan to but a suppressor on it? I believe you said you were doing that as we had talked about it through pm's. If so, ignore this comment. ;)

Other than that, looks good. I would like to see some outdoor pics (when snow goes away), and see the wrap in action (dirtied up first), along with the addition of some natural vegetation.
Bought a new bipod, doesn't fit. I cried a little, anyways, i'll check into that bipod.
The wrap is green, i'm playing on painting the gun instead, it does look cheesy.
Silencer is in mid progress. It's going to take some work :)
Now just paint it black, and it will look great.

How did you get the suppressor to fit? Threads?
My barrel is 1 inch across, so I payed a visit to Ace Hardware. I got a 1 inch PVC (across) and it fit snuggly! So I'm putting it on there like that. I'm going to sand it to get a rougher texture so the paint will stick, and spray paint today.
Nice Gun! Love the ASR, I have on myself. :) I really like your scope as well. I would personally paint the whole setup but thats just me. Come see mine!
Great job!
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There is a muzzle cap replacement available that has the 14mm CC threads on it for a supressor. And its cheap too.

If your interested, let me know and Ill get you the addresses.
EXTREMELY Updated. All new pictures, and videos. Have fun!
Needs more endcap!
Why don't you use the suppressor on the rifle during games?

Liking the m14, such a beautiful rifle.
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I use it sometimes. It's new. I find my BBs are way straighter with it on. Weird. :3
I love this M14. This baby has some work getting done on it soon. It's going into the shop for a internal rework into a masterpiece, a snipers new best friend, the semi auto long range, DMR beast. xD
Prom. 6.03mm 509mm Tightbore
Systema Bucking
M130 Deepfire Spring
AIM Monster Piston (Titanium Teeth)
AIM Gear Set
Systema Shims
GEOTECH 5 1/2 inch superressor (Which you see currently on it)
CYMA RAS M14 Handgaurd Rail System
ACOG Sight/AMP Red Dot

It's gonna be cool:)
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Lol "oh man my moms going to kill me" that was funny, I thought you sold the VFC?

Also the M14 is nice, and the internals sound are nicer.
Always wanted to set up an m14 loadout, keep us updated on the project. Interested to see the results.
Still got the VFC, never found a deal worth taking. I'll keep you informed with the M14, Just put some work onto getting my sniper rifle zero'd.
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