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Army Force Enhanced Upgrade Kit for L96 Type Airsoft Sniper

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I would say this is a quick review only because I'm not sure I want to work constantly to keep this updated in a timely manner.

My first impressions are the parts are as rough cut as I've ever seen. Nothing and I mean nothing is smooth.

The trigger group. When I pulled the trigger just playing with it the insides felt like two pieces of sandpaper rubbing together. Getting inside with a Dremel should easily solve that and is worth the effort. I just wish I still had my buffing to Harbor Freight I go. Just know if you don't keep these parts clean and oiled they will rust.

Chamber parts. I'm trying to think of the name of the part in the chamber? I call it the hop up adjustment arm. The gripe is it doesn't fit. It's too long. It's a nice piece it just DOESN'T FIT!!! DAMN!

The cylinder. The cylinder itself is made of better material than stock by far and the walls are thicker. The spring guide is a piece of crap with no bearings at all. It's a solid piece of steel that was turned on a lathe it looks like. Not precision just a throw it on there and turn it down. Not finished at all. The spring is a noodle. The cylinder head is stainless steel and nicely done. The piston is just as bad as the spring guide in my opinion. But it's aluminum so with a little work I think it can be a winner. Two O-rings and a rubber cushioned front. Yeah it will work.

Was it worth the money??? HELL TO THE YES!! BUT....there's always a but. But you need the skill and tools to make it into what it can be. If the trigger group smooths out like I believe it will the sweat equity alone is worth the price.
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Hmmm no interest I guess I'll let it die.
It has been up for a few days.... relax man, it will take some time for people to read through it and figure if it is something that they would want or not.
Not in a hurry. Working 4 guns at once soooo....and buying a bench polisher to smooth up internal parts for this and my real steel stuff.
all i cared about on this kit-

the trigger...though needs a lot of sanding...who needs zero trigger eh?

the rest of the kit are trash.....
New guys asks a question

Hey guys i'm new to this forum found it by searching up answers in google about the Army force upgrade kit. Does anyone know what the weird looking white squeeshy thing is that comes in the kit? and where your mean't to put it? I was told by some one on youtube that it's a power adjuster that your mean't to put behind that piston head, only issue is the supplied piston head is fixed
I'm thinking of buying this upgrade kit for my UTG MK96, but you said it needs fixing up to make it perform as best as possible. I was just wondering how to do that.
I was also wondering what is the strength of the spring? M150, M160...etc
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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