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I would say this is a quick review only because I'm not sure I want to work constantly to keep this updated in a timely manner.

My first impressions are the parts are as rough cut as I've ever seen. Nothing and I mean nothing is smooth.

The trigger group. When I pulled the trigger just playing with it the insides felt like two pieces of sandpaper rubbing together. Getting inside with a Dremel should easily solve that and is worth the effort. I just wish I still had my buffing to Harbor Freight I go. Just know if you don't keep these parts clean and oiled they will rust.

Chamber parts. I'm trying to think of the name of the part in the chamber? I call it the hop up adjustment arm. The gripe is it doesn't fit. It's too long. It's a nice piece it just DOESN'T FIT!!! DAMN!

The cylinder. The cylinder itself is made of better material than stock by far and the walls are thicker. The spring guide is a piece of crap with no bearings at all. It's a solid piece of steel that was turned on a lathe it looks like. Not precision just a throw it on there and turn it down. Not finished at all. The spring is a noodle. The cylinder head is stainless steel and nicely done. The piston is just as bad as the spring guide in my opinion. But it's aluminum so with a little work I think it can be a winner. Two O-rings and a rubber cushioned front. Yeah it will work.

Was it worth the money??? HELL TO THE YES!! BUT....there's always a but. But you need the skill and tools to make it into what it can be. If the trigger group smooths out like I believe it will the sweat equity alone is worth the price.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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