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Artemis says: Hi!

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Hey guys,

I'm Artemis, from the Netherlands. I've been lurking and reading posts on here for a couple days now. So why not join the fun?

An airsoft noob, besides having shot a springer pistol years ago I haven't really done any airsoft at all.

I'd LOVE to start with a sport, so airsoft naturally is my first thought.

I've been looking to get a M40A3 by APS since in my opinion it's the sexiest piece of rifle there is. If there are any other M40s that you can recommend I'd like to hear about them.

I'm not a military enthusiast, so please don't expect me to know all the abbreviations and signing signals used by the real McCoy haha!

I'm a crafty guy, I have a CNC machine which can work Alu, Wood, and plastic.(and of course all sorts of resins and fiberglass). Currently learning how to get the most out of it. Might use it to do mods. Besides that, I'm a photographer, and I've studied audio engineering, but neither are really useful on the field I guess.

Hope to learn a lot from you guys, and hope to have a decent input to your conversations.

Thanks guys!

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Welcome to the board.

I'd recommend NOT to buy the APS M40A3 since it's not a M40!
If you want a good looking and good performance M40 take a look at the Tanaka M40A1 (wood and ABS stock).
If you want the A3 or A5 only then you can install a real steel stock to the Tanaka with minimum mods! But RS stocks are kinda expensive!

The only true M40A5 in the market is the Ares M40A5 but Ares is known for the proprietary parts and poor internal quality.

If you want to buy that and fabricate your own stuff it may be the best solution for you!

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Well it's rather expensive in EU .. Better buy it from Asia!
It will be much cheaper!

Also if you start making some parts for your gun, ask to see if there any interest here to make some more!

Well almost all of the Asian shops are OK, EHobbyasia, Redwolf, Airsoft Global....

I've had good experiences with almost all of them.

With the import tax and shipping, it's still worth the fuss of buying from there.
The Eu shops are too expensive.

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