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ASG AW .308

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Has anyone ever heard about this brand/gun, or own one?

I can't seem to find any info on it, except on French sites.
But seeing as my French isn't that good... :-[

maybe you guys can give me a short review on it.

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Link to the info you have?
AW .308?? ...the only guess that I have is the AW338 clone that came out. Well G96 or Well AW338 will give you info.
But us to some pics, or the page so we can at least plug it into a translator.

EDIT: Quick google search led me to believe it's just yet another rebrand of the UTG/WELL/etc. MK96. Look there for info.
I know its just a l96 clone.

link to a different site: ( it's in german )

the brand is action sports games or something like it.
Regardless of the brand it is probably a rebrand of the Well/UTG/etc. So...all relevant information, other than maybe the little white painted trades that appear in that picture, is the same as the UTG/Well/other rebrand L96.
It is a well or something... Look at the trigger ;) It has a blade type trigger set up. The UTG doesn't have that style of trigger. Could be one of the other rebrands though.
Is it any good, or should I look for another, at a different shop? (being a clone of a clone, as far as I can make of your posts)

this is the onl L96 they sell at the shop Airsoft-freaks in Belgium.
Its definately a Well rebrand.

They are ok, for a budget gun if your desperate to own a 96

They can be tuned to turn out some good accuracy, if you use the principales both zulu and myself out line in our guides

Zulus' guide is aimed straight at the L96s and if you utilise the ideas in my VSR guide you wont be far off acceptable performance for a clone ;)
Agreed, follow vindi's guide for DIY mods and the real custom work...just look at mine as to what upgrades you need and what to get first :)

No reason a clone can't put out good performance.
thanks, I'll do some DIY mods first and then if I like the rifle I'll get myself some upgrades.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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