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Asg M40A3 sport line

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Just got a asg M40A3 sport line and tried upgrading with action army hop chamber and maple leaf rubber and crazy jet barrel, there seems to be a massive drop in FPS (from 500 to 100) any ideas
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Have you heard or figured out whats up with you situation. I just got a m40a3 tonight. Which piston fits it? The guy i bought it from moded it so vsr10 hops fit it so i hope thats not gonna be an issue
Which AA hopup did you use? Cuz its vsr10 compatible with the stock bucking, some mods are needed. Also are you running an aeg barrel with this? Did you recheck parts you didnt upgrade but could have unintentionally caused interference with. Is the bucking on corretly and are you overhopping or even underhopping. Trouble shoot it and as long as something didnt break youll figure it out
Were you able to resolve this?
I have similar issue... I set the VSR10 AA Hop chamber, and what I notice is that the nozzle barely reaches the chamber, I have to keep the cylinder pressed foward for it to shoot well... I was thinking on setting a cylinder head with a bigger nozzle lenght... Help!
You should look at getting a new gun, most people give up on these pretty fast because of things like this
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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