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ASGI G700 Front Sight

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Well I don't have a front sight on my sniper rifle. It was missing when I got it and my friend said it fell of during a game. I was wondering if anyone knew the best way to get a replacement or a DIY front sight tutorial.


EDIT-Sorry if this is in the wrong place to ask!
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I thought about getting a real steel one, but most require a screw to attach and on mine it just uses double sided tape to attach..... When I replace it I'm thinking super glue!! I've looked at Remington ones for the 700 which is what this gun is based off of for the civilian world.
The rail adds a cool tactical look to it! I don't really have the need for the full length, maybe if I ever got a NV scope attachment but that would break the bank and then some just for airsoft! If you have a need for it I like it!

This is what I'm talking about.

Sorry for the big picture.
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That's a good idea, thanks! That would be awesome man!
Hahaha will do!
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