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The Donohoe said:
silentfury214 said:
i wonder if they already took out the recoil engine.
That's a pretty good question. Isn't it much faster, more reliable and get further range when this RSS is removed?
As a SG R700 owner, the differences are monumental in my opinion. The gun is: much more quiet, had it's fps increased from around 280-300 to around 340 (rough estimate, stock spring), more accurate at ranges of 50-60 ft +, and it doesn't have that bogus "recoil" feeling anymore... I hated it. The gun is all around more reliable with the weights removed from the piston.

The only downside of removing it is that you may have to smooth up or sand the part of the cylinder where the pin was removed for more efficient and less scratchy bolt pull backs. I've also heard that air compression COULD possibly be a problem if done incorrectly, but I highly doubt ASGI would make a mistake like that when upgrading their "custom" gun.

What bothered me is that I ordered my R700 about a week before they came out with their own G700. A week following the release, my friend bought their G700. -_-
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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