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ASGI M98. Thoughts on an OOTB upgraded L96.

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Here is a link to what little information I have had trickling in on the pre-order ability for the ASGI G98. It's definately an upgraded L96 but am yet to know base gun model and what parts have been used to make the upgrade. Have sent an email to ASGI to see what I can find out.

Speculations welcome, would love to hear comments and thoughts.
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It is indeed a UTG mk96, with a few upgrades. Very similar to the Airsoft gi R700, which features a few upgrades as well.

Seems to me like its been upgraded by airsoft gi parts, which before, were only available for vsr-10 series clone rifles.

There is a list on the description page for the rifle you have linked, and states what has been upgraded. Again, from a quick glance, the rifle appears to be upgraded with airsoftgi parts.
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