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ASR accuracy

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I headed out yesterday to do a little zeroing in with my ASR, and was not exited about the accuracy I got. First up, here is a list of parts/ modifications I have done:

Echo 1 Upgrade Kit
Mad-bull Version 2 509mm 6.03 barrel
PDI 96 hop up
Guarder bucking with dental floss insuring tight fit
Six barrel spacers
Polished and slightly widened cylinder head as per here:
Teflon taped cylinder head, and piston head screw

I shot from 100 feet using .25's at a torso sized target, and while I could hit the target every time, there where no good groups to speak of. I then moved the target out to 240 feet, and had no consistency at all, any hits were pure luck.Also, while the time it took the BB to hit the target at 100 feet was roughly one second, the time at 240 was incredibly long. I had time to lift my head from the scope, and count to 3 before hearing the hit. Seems like the fps are slowing down a lot, but my gun is shooting hot (550fps).

I'm getting .3's and .4's soon, I'm assuming this will help?Any suggestions/comment would be appreciated!

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The lighter the ammunition used the quicker the round will slow down. A .3 or .4 is able to hold its momentum and can punch through the air with more ease than a lighter BB. A .25 for example will have a much higher starting velocity but will slow down much faster as well. A .4 will have a slower initial velocity but will retain that velocity much better than the lighter BB.

It would be something like this in numbers:

.40g Starts at 450FPS ------ .40g at 100' is 430FPS ------ .40g at 200' is 400FPS ------ .40g at 300' is 350FPS

.20g Starts at 550FPS ------ .25g at 100' is 400FPS ------ .25g at 200' is 325FPS ------ .25g at 300' is 220FPS

None of that data is real just showing you how the BB acts in the air. You'll notice that the .25 has the advantage of velocity up to around 150'.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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