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For those interested, I sent an email to Javelin a while ago when I was looking for a replacement rifle that could take my APS2 cylinder parts and my APS2 Aero chamber, this is what I wrote to them:

To Whom it May Concern:

I have an Echo1 ASR that has recently broken due to excessive use and
am looking for a replacement in which I can use as many of the APS2
upgrades that I have put into it. I have read that your M24 is
compatible with standard APS2 parts, and in particular I am wondering
if it is compatible with the APS2 Aero Chamber hop up unit and APS2
piston. I have heard nothing but good things about this gun and have
been impressed with the AEGs that I have seen made by your company,
but it would be nice if I would still be able to use the upgrade parts
that I already have laying around. Thanks.
And this is what they responded with:


Thank you for your inquiry and sorry for the delayed reply. The parts
should be compatible.

Javelin Airsoft Works
So it would seem that the Javelin M24 is some kind of clone between/of the APS2 and/or the CA M24. I would still like to hear some input if there is anyone here that has the Javelin...
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