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AUG shoots continuously

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Hello, people! I am calling to anyone who knows his electrical field.
I participated in a national event and I had to abandon from the first day.
The story is that when the rain caught me in a mission, my AUG started to fire on it's own, even with the safe on, and there was some smoke also (possibly from my colleague's cigarette, but it didn't smell like tobacco). So something, somehow send continuously electricity. It's not the trigger, because the slides are not touching, so I think it's the mosfet. I let the gearbox at sun until the metal was burning, so it's not about water still being inside. I wouldn't dettach the mosfet to try without it. From what I saw, it is sealed with a heat shrinkable tube, so the water shouldn't affect it. Or...?
So what do you guys recommend? To still detach the mosfet? Should I open the gearbox to look inside at the trigger's contacts? Thanks.
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If the mosfet burns out, it shoots continuously. You need to put a new one in.
That's just great, because I installed it especially for this event and I got to play only 6 hours. So, $20 thrown out the window.
Make your own. About $3 a piece and it runs a DMR flawlessly. Use this fet:
5pcs, IRL1404 IRL 1404 TRANSISTOR TO-220 | eBay
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OK, thanks a lot csakip.
I saw somewhere (I don't know if on this forum or on another part of the internet), a guide on how to make your own mosfet with active braking. It had pictures on how to bend and what to solder on it.
Does anyone remember?
Never heard of it, but if it's found, man, that would be super helpful in the future...
I took the mosfet down and it does the same thing. I opened the GB and I haven't seen anything out of the ordinary regarding the trigger contacts (I mean oxidized, burned etc.). Still looking...

@csakip: Thanks again.
I just finished reassembling the GB and all internals are OK. Nothing is broken, connections are all good etc. I still believe it is an electrical problem and that the motor is to blame, since I connect the battery and it starts immediately to fire on its own. Unfortunately, I don't have a star allen to take off the motor from its cage, but when I'll get one, I'll come back with an update.
Sorry for the late update, but I was on vacation. The problem is solved now.
Firstly, I took it to an electrician who didn't know squat about airsoft, but made it work. Barely. I mean on semi it didn't shoot and on auto it shot on semi :)
Secondly, I took it to an airsmith where we remade the original wiring without the mosfet (which is burned) and everything works perfectly now. So glad! :D
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