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Hey fellas,

My name is Dave, I'm from Portugal, Started playing Airsoft later than most, having started very early 2010, but Im loving it.

Started out as a gunner, though I wanted to start as a Sniper, but my airsoft buddies advised me against it, and Im glad they did, as starting out as a gunner lets you into the mind of the prey (now I see that).

Still, before long, I bought my first Sniper rifle, a A&K SVD Dragunov which I sold soon after, not getting along with the noise factor of that replica.

Soon after I bought a used well MB01, which seems to have been well taken care of as it performs wonderfully, very accurate and consistent, and it has been so for the time I've had it.
I love my L96's performance, but in all honesty, I dont much like looks of the rifle... Give me a mosin nagant replica or something older looking and I'm happy :)

Soon after, I noticed dust piling up on my gunner gear, so I sold it all and replenished the stock on Sniper friendly items.

I've also VERY BRIEFLY had a TM VSR10 Gspec, but I sold that soon after buying it as the cash came in handy in a bind :\

Recently (just yesterday actually) I bought my second rifle, a mb03 also from well.
I basically purchased it because of a few things...

1) always nice to have a second rifle in case sh!t happens
2) its cheap
3) I love the VSR look
4) the law in portugal states that any airsoft gun cant go over 374FPS with .20's... so, the little FPS adjusting nozzle thing in this gun is of interest. Mostly the people I play with dont care about that, they trust me as a player and know I wont shoot them point blank (exageration) with a 400fps+ rifle, but for some events, that are chrony controlled, this rifle will come in handy.

Apart from that, I dont use a full ghillie, but a Ghillie Cape, and my trusty TM Mk23.

There are plenty of nice places to play out here in PT, lots of woodland and CQB areas.

Anyway, I found this place looking at modding info on the MB03, and I hope to learn a bit from the experienced Snipers out there in the world.

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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