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So I was out this morning playing a game with my spotter. The game is simple, one person takes a flag (I use a 7foot staff with a 3x5 foot red flag on it) and plants it in the ground near a hiding spot. They then have to hide within 10ft of the flag.
The second person stands aprox 200ft away and doesn't watch them plant the flag or hide. After 5min or so the second person turns around and tries to spot the first. If he cannot see them from 200ft he moves closer and closer until he is able to spot the first person, a conversation is then had about what gave it away. The players move around the area and take turns hiding, the person who finds the best hiding spot wins.

Anyway, I was playing this game and I take up a spot in a small grove of ceders. My spotter gets close to me and spots me. He walks up to where I am, points at my back and laughs. While under the ceders a few birds had pooped on my back. Aw crap.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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