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Hi there folks, hows it goin'!
I'm Andy, Cal-sign Axl,

Ive been airsofting for 17 odd years, I am a founding member of section 8 airsoft team (Staffs, UK)

I shoot people with: AA L85, TM M4 Sir/M203, TM MP5 RAS, Warrior L96, DE USP & TM Desert eagle hard-baller, plus shed loads of springers n other toys.

I have made / still making a 2 piece Ghillie suit (lets face it folks, you can never REALLY finish a 'G' suit!)

I other hobbies include: fixing/modding airsoft kit, Star wars costuming (stormtrooper) and generally having fun .

I live in Lincoln UK, but was born in Staffordshire, UK.

I look froward to sharing knowledge with all of you,

Have fun, Stay Frosty :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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