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Hi there folks, hows it goin'!
I'm Andy, Cal-sign Axl,

Ive been airsofting for 17 odd years, I am a founding member of section 8 airsoft team (Staffs, UK)

I shoot people with: AA L85, TM M4 Sir/M203, TM MP5 RAS, Warrior L96, DE USP & TM Desert eagle hard-baller, plus shed loads of springers n other toys.

I have made / still making a 2 piece Ghillie suit (lets face it folks, you can never REALLY finish a 'G' suit!)

I other hobbies include: fixing/modding airsoft kit, Star wars costuming (stormtrooper) and generally having fun .

I live in Lincoln UK, but was born in Staffordshire, UK.

I look froward to sharing knowledge with all of you,

Have fun, Stay Frosty :)

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Welcome to the forum, nice intro post. Thank you for following the rules and posting with proper grammar and punctuation, we do not see this much from new members.

For that, plus 1. :)
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