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Back again

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Hey guys, Felix here.
I used to be around on the old forum, and i was barely on back then. So most people here won't remember me.

I sold my old M28, and I'm looking to get back into some M24 Boltie goodness.

My current armory is a JG M16 DMR perfected by the forum's own Star_Folder, a G&G combat raider for CQB, and a new Real Sword 56-2.

Glad to be back around though.
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Welcome to the forums! Well, the new forums! :tup:
Welcome to the forums! Well, the new forums! :tup:
I second that!

Those Real Swords are some great looking rifles...and heavy! Just don't drop it on your foot, it might have to be amputated afterward. >:D
Haha they arn't heavy to me. The JG is twice as heavy and as long. What I hate is the fact I really have to clean it well after every game or else it will rust..
Yes, that's the downside of steel unfortunately.
Welcome back, the AK 56 (with the wood stock) is the only AEG I want.

Well a deal came by on the 56-2 that I HAD to jump on. I mean, it was 200$ for the gun, 2 RS mags, and 2 Lonex mags. For a RS thats pretty good.

I do agree that the 56 is amazing with just the wood stock
Welcome to the boards!

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