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BAd Seller- what do you do?

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Like I mentioned in that other thread- I would like to get some opnions from you guys on how to approach this problem.

I bought an AEG from someone on another forum- so I saw the pics, it looked great, and was a bit pricey (AEG plus accesories, total $400). Kid tells me it is unmolested and never fielded, so we make the deal, I send him the money, he takes his sweet ass time to send it, but eventually it nmakes its way to me.... this is three weeks after he has received payment, btw, so first sign of danger. I also did not know until I had sent the money that he is only 16. Second sign of danger/problems (no offense to the younger kids, but as a group, teenagers aren't usually the most reliable types...)

I charge it up, test fire it- and it never shoots well. Under 300 FPS, 270-290, wildly fluctuating- (stock should be between 350-370) and constantly double feeds, jams or fails to fire.

I call and tell him we have issues, he sounds surprised, but truly offers no help at all or explanation.

I get busy with work and ask a freind to look at it after a month or so. After he cracks it open, we find LOTS of issues inside the gearbox. Like half assed, superglued parts, small wood nails holding parts together... all in all, crap, and very OBVIOUSLY badly modified crap.

So, what do I do? I am sure he's spent the money, and it has been 3-4 months or so since I bought it. Should I call the parents? Should I let it go, but call him out on the board that I bought the AEG from if nothing else to save other people from dealing with this guy (as he still buys and sells there on occasion)?

Any thoughts are welcome, and thank you.
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In my opinion, if you have a number, call the parents. It may help, it may not, depending on the parents. It's an honest effort, and if you're considering just letting it go as an option, it's worth the effort to dial 9 numbers and talk to them for 5-10 minutes and go from there.
Yikes.... This is my biggest fear when buying things off forum. Like Dutton said, call the parents. Talk to them politely and explain the problem. If that doesn't work out to well, then there's not a lot else you can do. Perhaps the parents will be better about it then the kid was. Just to be helpful also I would let other members of said forum know about his cheap ways. Hope all goes well, was there any value at all in the gun?
That could be a way....
I'd personally make a thread on that forum and I'd give negative feedback on every forum I'd see his username.

I don't think you can take your money back to be honest, you said you payed for 3-4 months ago, so he can claim you break it in the meantime.

After the first week I would be threatening with paypal saying if it doesn't get shipped and to my home within the next week I'm filing a claim with them. You have 30 days to dispute a payment with paypal. That would give you a week to review what you bought and make sure that everything was in working order and discuss any problems with the seller. You have no leverage after 30 days.
Where does he live?

I mean with out giving out the kids personal info, because if one of us lives near the location it might help to have someone go and make his parents aware of what happened. I would just about bet that the parents had no idea what deal was being made. But then again you may just get an "oh well" from the parents, but it would be worth a try.

The last thing you want to do is start something. You don't want someone to stop by the house with an attitude and make things worse!
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