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BAR 10 Right Curve Issue

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I installed an AA hop up chamber and while shooting Novritch .4g bb's it shot straight and true and was awesome, though I didn't do extensive testing with those bb's, but the little bit I did, it performed very well.

Well I opted to try Madbull .4 bb's just to try something new and now I have a right curve issue. I can tilt my rifle to the left just a hair and it shoots straight and true. Could I be having alignment issues with my new chamber? Or do people have bad experiences with mad bull bb's? Any information would be appreciated, thanks!
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No bbs would cause a consistent curve in a certain direction. Bad bbs on a good rifle should make the gun shoot equally sporadically in a cone-shaped fashion. Funnily enough, I'm dealing with the same issue right now. Thread should be the 2nd-4th most recent.

How long was the area of testing the first test vs. the second? I originally set my rifle up but only had a 250ft range to test on so I thought it was perfect. Brought it to a 350ft range and found that after about 250ft the shots curve violently to the right.
Yeah that's a good point, I have about 400ft so plenty of distance. Far enough to where my bbs start to naturally drop. I may try re aligning my barrel in my hip up chamber. I was advised after the installation that tightening the grub screws that secure the barrel evenly is really important and I really didn't pay attention during installation so we'll see how that goes
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