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Hi, my first post :)

Anyway, Im looking to upgrade a Bar-10 that I will purchase soon. I am ona budget so I really cant afford a zero trigger (well I could but I dont want to spend that kind of $$$)

Anyway this is what I got so far:

Airsoft GI 6.03mm inner barrel

Polar Star 45 degree piston:

Angel Custom 1st and 2nd sear set:

AND, a Firefly "Hard: bucking

I still want to get:

spring guide
spring guide stopper
cylinder head

Am I missing anything?

So, Is "Angel Custom" a rebrand of laylax sears? And will the Polar Star piston wook with the sears I picked? And is that piston any good? would there be a better piston out there that would be better?

Is upgrading my cylinder nesesary?

Finally, I plan to use a 150sp or 170sp spring, what bb weight should I use?

Thanks for helping me out on this :)

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Make an Introduction post in the beginner section first, please.
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