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BAR-10 Upgrade Question

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What would I have to upgrade to put a 150 spring in my stock BAR-10? Would I have to use a zero trigger, or could I just use new sears? Thanks!
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You could just replace the sears.... but.... you are going to probably end up getting either the PDI V trigger or a Zero trigger any way..

I would say go ahead and get one of the two new triggers. I currently have the PDI and I really like it ... just wish I could get the pull weight down.
The v-trigger pull weight is pretty much unfixable. It's one of the main drawbacks of the trigger system.

The zero trigger is just as strong but has a smoother pull.

Honestly both are amazing, it just depends on what your cylinder internals are
I have fitted PSS10 trigger sears to the standard trigger mech and run a 150 spring. Been like it for 3 years or more now, no wear etc. trigger pull.... hard?.... I used to have my standard trig set so if you hit it on the butt end reasonably hard it would fire, it did back fire on me once and just missed shooting myself in the head when I used the rifle as a walking stick up a steep bank ::) I now have it set so it releases after slightly less than 1/4" pull ;) but hard to pull it is not.... but then I'm not exactly what you might call weak or feeble
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Zero trig, new sears are all fine.

You eventually want to get a new piston and guide since their plastic. Not to mention you'll get better airseal.

IF you go 0-trig, try get the 90degree piston/sear model. Slightly better design.

chaotic said:
IF you go 0-trig, try get the 90degree piston/sear model. Slightly better design.

Again, DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Zero triggers are only made in a '90' design' its also why they come with a piston as the sear end is different to the stock unit ::)
Question to the modders out here! :)
i have bought myself some laylax parts! :)
hopup airseal, zero tricker with cilinder , and some extra parts

but i have problems with my hopup unit.. it will not close all the way , i have the space of 1 hair thikness .. and this gets into a other problem, that i cannot slide the hopup unit into the barrel ... what am i doing wrong ???
is there any help to this ? :$

Could be any of 3 things

1/ You've not fitted the hop rubber correctly

2/ You've put to much PTFE tape round the hop to seal it, 2 maybe 3 layers is enough.

3/ The little black upside down 'U' shaped thing at the back of the hop unit, hasn't been put back correctly when you assembled the unit.
sir, can i ask for some steps in upgrading bar 10 g?
m2ver1ckonl said:
sir, can i ask for some steps in upgrading bar 10 g?
Do a search through the VSR thread, all the things their are relevant for the BAR.
vindicaresassasin, sorry for my late rply ,,, but thanks for the help! :)

the problem was with the screws... i fixed it, and it works!

now i just need to fine tune my system ^^

thanks for the help dude!
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