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BAR springs?

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Hey guys, I have a question about VSR springs. I am looking to add a little extra punch to my BAR-10 in which I already added a nice #14 o-ring, DBC barrel, and a firefly bucking (might replace it with a nineball. I want a very consistent shooting rifle.

I am leaning towards Laylax for the spring and possible parts, but I am open to whatever. Which spring would give me a nice 40fps plus or so boost? I'd rather not have to replace sears and all, but what parts would benefit me? Thank you.
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From what I have read, and heard from other members experienced with the bar-10, the sears are very weak. Apparently they wear down fairly quickly without any spring upgrade, and it would be even quicker with one.

I think replacing the sears or the trigger box in entirety would be a good idea. Just my two cents though.
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