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BAR springs?

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Hey guys, I have a question about VSR springs. I am looking to add a little extra punch to my BAR-10 in which I already added a nice #14 o-ring, DBC barrel, and a firefly bucking (might replace it with a nineball. I want a very consistent shooting rifle.

I am leaning towards Laylax for the spring and possible parts, but I am open to whatever. Which spring would give me a nice 40fps plus or so boost? I'd rather not have to replace sears and all, but what parts would benefit me? Thank you.
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The problem with the type-10 trigger mech is not only that the sears wear down quickly but also because it uses what's called a 45 degree system. Because of this the second sear sits at a 45 degree angle, and is perpendicular to the piston.

.......... _________/| <--- piston
..........|_________ |
......................./ \|
.....force ----> /
..................../ <--- this line is the piston sear

When you pull the trigger it pushes the second sear against that back part of the piston until it slides off and the cylinder is released. This causes the sear to chew through the piston. When you put in a heavier spring this accelerates the process. If you got new sears they would still be damaging your piston, not to mention with a 45 degree trigger mech and high power springs, the trigger pull can get a little heavy. What you need is a 90 degree trigger mech.

I believe this is how they work but, so someone correct me if I'm wrong, I've never had the chance to take one apart (yet

(90 degree mech uses a different style of piston)

.................________l. l
................|________. l<--- Piston
............................l l_l
..sear flips down<---l
............................l<--- This line is the piston sear
......pivot point---> O

I don't know how the other sears are placed to keep the sear on the piston from flipping down, but when it does flip down, there is no contact with the piston as it falls, and the piston flies forward freely, allowing a light trigger pull (once again I may be wrong). 90 degree trigger systems are the zero trigger, the V-trigger, and the M-trigger. Well those are the ones I know of anyway. I believe there was a another one made somewhere, but I cant remember where it was. It's in there somewhere on noobies M-trigger thread on ASR.

Sorry about the crude drawings, but I hope that helps!

As a final note from what I have heard about laylax springs is that as you use them they shrink to a much shorter length whereas I haven't heard of PDI springs having this issue.

P.S. Periods mean nothing (in the "drawings") and are placed so "unused spaces" aren't deleted.
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I'm not really sure about the 130, since its been so long since I looked at the equivalents but I think with a 6.01 you would have around 550 with the 150, but again I wouldn't trust me on that.

yes with a 150 you would definately need more than new sears, you would need a new trigger. With a 130 you mihgt be able to get away with upgraded sears but a 90 degree trigger is really a better investment in my opinion, even if it takes you a while to get.
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