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Barrel, Bucking, Hop-up

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I have a TM L96 (same as maruzen.)

I'm having trouble deciding which hop-up to use w/ bucking etc.

TM Hop
Prommy Purple Bucking
Prommy 509mm Tightbore
SCS Nubbing

PDI Hop-up
PDI Bucking
Prommy 509mm Tightbore

HP Chamber (It's gold?)
Prommy Purple Bucking
Prommy 509mm Tightbore
SCS Nubbing

Takes suggestions. I already have a Zero Trigger etc in the back end, need the front end though.
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I thought that the TM L96 took completely different upgrades than the Maruzen series? You'll have to confirm it with woogie; he's had experience with the rifle.

If not, then the HP hop-up is great for the cheap price. It'll probably require a couple mods to get it right, but definitely worth it. Your barrel choice looks good.

*From what I've read though (no experience with it), they say the Prommy purple bucking isn't that great. Usually people recommend Systema.

EDIT: The unit looks pretty different in this thread, but I still think PDI makes an upgraded one. I think the stock one would be fine though; it is TM afterall. I'd worry about power upgrades first.
Cheese Man said:
With the hopup, I would instead recommend using the stock hop and doing something like this:

Drill and tap holes in the barrel at the 12, 4, and 8 o'clock positions in three places down the barrel, spaced evenly. Then, warp the barrel upwards in the center with the lower set screws, and downwards at the end, ever so slightly. You may have to drill out the hop unit a bit to accept the bend, but it is worth it. The other way you can do it is to simply drop the end of the barrel down a few mm, that will produce the same effect.
Is there a certain size set screw you recommend? I'm thinking about something like this for the Type 96 I just got.

When you say 3 different spot in the barrel, do you just mean one set of screws at the beginning, one set in the middle, and one set towards the muzzle? So, the first set would put a little bit of upward pressure, the middle add a bit more upwards pressure, and the set toward the muzzle have a slight downward pressure?

I'm just trying to get a good grasp on it before I try it; I understand the concept, but never thought of the idea of having the 3 set screws. Just looking for some better ideas than the one I had.

Sorry to jack this thread hoggie, but I'll get on topic now. I was just on PDI's website ( to look at the TM L96 upgrades and I saw pretty much everything for the rifle except for an upgraded hop-up unit. The springs are hard to find on there, but they're there.
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That makes sense. So, when drilling out the hop-up, do you just want to make the hole slightly larger so that the barrel has a little bit of play?

The FPS thing makes sense also, I'll probably end-up keeping it at that FPS anyways if I get some good range. I don't like to be tied down with an MED, especially in my ghillie.

Thanks for all the info; I still have your old PMs saved with the stuff you told me. I hope to try this out within the next few weeks.
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