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Barrel confusion... Need help

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Hi all

I'm in a bit of a confusion regarding barrel cut types. I have a Tanaka l96 clone (the g&g g96[email protected]/with/5507267281/ ). I have purchased the King Arms chamber conversion kit which if I'm correct allows the gun to accept vsr (is this the same as a bull barrel?) style barrels and hop-up rubber.

The thing is that the barrels that I find in shops all-over the net, saying they are for vsr style chambers are much shorter than the stock barrel in my gun (655mm).

The other type of barrel I found that could be suitable are for the PSG-1. Does this Gun use a different style cut barrel? Would it fit the chamber conversion kit I bought?

I would be great full if someone could clarify what type of barrels there are. I saw AEG style, VSR style, bull barrel and all the different stock types (for instance the one in the G&G g96). What are the differences, and which are interchangeable(if any).

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The cut of the barrel is all about the hopup application hole, and the things around it. A bull barrel is simply a barrel with a 10 mm outer diameter, which reduces vibrations.

PDI has some rather unusual barrel lengths, check out, and they should be able to help you out. If not, go to Edgi, he can make custom barrels for you, if you need one, but he may have one in stock, just for you ;)

VSR barrels are not compatible OTB with AEG barrels. The PSG-1 uses an AEG cut, as far as I know, so no, it would not be compatible.
Thank you for the clarification and the link it is all starting to make sense now. I have already ordered a custom barrel from edgi trough EVIKE but they just dont seem to be able to delivere it. Its been nearly 3 months since I paid for it and EVIKE still did not receive it yet. So Im a bit worried if it will ever arrive.

Thanks again
No problem. If I had any dealings with Evike I would help you out, but I have no idea.
If it doesn't work out with Evike, I believe you can order directly through EDGI's custom shop, that might be the route to take.
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