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Barrel Crowning

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Do any of you crown your barrels if needed? Or re-crown an improperly crowned barrel?

I just finished recrowning the barrel on my ECHO1 M28, after I discovered the crown to be almost non-existant and filled with imperfections and burrs. I did not cut mine with precision, I merely deepend it with a ridge reeming bit (This can also be done with a larger drill bit), then defined it more with a Dremel tool. I finished the crown by polishing it smooth with emery cloth.

Just curious, as I do not see barrel crowning discussed much in Airsoft circles like I do in the airgun world...
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I will use a normal pipe cutter to cut my barrels. Just make sure that you go extremely slow with the pressure, as you don't want to mash your barrel.

Then put it in my drill press, grab my largest bit and slowly drop it into the barrel. Then take the dremmel and polish up the end.

Can usually get a really nice crown on the barrel.

Though they will be better when I get the lathe here in a month or so, so long as I don't have to pay into taxes again this year.
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