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Well with any high quality barrel the bb will roll at the ceiling of the barrel. The barrel just needs to be a long enough and high quality for the bb to stabilize inside the barrel.

Since spring guns are blow guns they must push the air out while they are being propelled resulting in an inefficient fps increase and turbulence causing loss of accuracy, but a high quality barrel won't produce turbulence while the effect is happening. With 6.01 you will get more fps but the increase from 6.03 will be much smaller than the increase to 6.03 from 6.05.

With gas guns since they use principles similar to real fire arms because of the expanding air going from high pressure to low pressure that forces the bb down the barrel so the mentioned effect should be negligible with gas.

This debate is over a small Resistance force that isn't really going to affect accuracy as long as you are buying a high quality barrel. Pretty much any aftermarket barrel from MadBull up will be fine to use. You are still going to have an increase in fps and accuracy with a 6.01mm barrel. Just don't go with a barrel tighter than 6.01mm, that is excessive and will result in a lot of barrel jams and headaches.

Just be sure to use high quality bbs too.

If you have too long of a barrel there will not be enough volume of air to push the bb at a certain point the reason for this effect is different with spring and gas, but the result is the same. However it will not be detrimental to fps or accuracy, it will just result in wasted material and an excessively long barrel. The barrel would have to be extremely long for this effect to occur, probably more than 700mm.

Barrel Suck, a different effect, is widely regarded as a myth. It dosen't exist.
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