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Ok, I still don't get it.

I want a couple things straitened up for my ignorant self. I was just looking at the '6.01 or 6.03' thread and saw, as usual, waaaayyyyy too many beliefs to have to compile into a conclusion(and it was locked, so here is a new thread as suggested)

Here is my 'theory': "A longer barrel with a tighter bore will be superior to any shorter one with a wider bore under ideal conditions."
-When I say ideal conditions I mean: perfect bbs, a perfect
barrel(no flaws or deviation in the diameter of the inner bore), and
a volume of air pushing the bb that is larger than that of the
barrel(so no barrel suck is acting upon the bb)

I just can't see how a shorter barrel with a wider bore could be more accurate. First off a longer barrel will give the round being fired a longer amount of time in course with a stable, controlled trajectory. Next, the tighter bore barrel will prevent the bb from bouncing around while inside the barrel. If the bb is allowed this greater 'tolerance room' it will undoubtedly bounce inside of the barrel because the hopup will cause it to hit the roof and continue to ricochet plus user error, in the form of the shooter moving slightly while the bb is in the barrel, will cause the bb to bounce around and a wider bore will let it move around more. Lastly, a longer barrel will provide the most power behind the bb with a given amount of air/gas. For spring guns there is, yes, a limit.. that being where the powering air volume is just ever so slightly larger than the volume of the barrel. But in gas guns you have an expanding gas which will continue to expand and you have an adjustable amount out gas that is released so you can virtually have as long a barrel as you can fit.

It is impossible to use perfect conditions however, as a perfect fit between bb and barrel will destroy the hopup function of an airsoft rifle. I would think that the closest you could get to a perfect fit without doing this would have to be the superior option.

If someone can explain why I am either right or wrong I would love that because this has been confusing me for so long ::)
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